At Gustaine we believe that our success is attributable to our people. We spend a significant amount of time developing colleagues and harnessing their talent for mutual benefits. We encourage our colleagues to disband long standing paradigms to think different means to approach a particular problem and never be afraid to question long standing paradigms. We value out of box thinking and go and over and beyond towards understanding the complexities of a problem. We provide the necessary structure to an employee so as thrive in a environment.

Our training program has been carefully designed to inculcate deep management consulting capabilities and smart business acumen amongst our employees. We initiate our discussions with our proprietary process that familiarizes the colleagues with our processes / techniques, unique differentiators thereby allowing himself into a continuous ongoing on-the-job training that covers almost all the functional aspects whilst ensuring the development of soft skills.


We currently have the following openings

Applied Computational Mathematician / Engineer

Number of positions: 100

We are searching for an applied computational mathematician/ engineer/ scholar to leader next-generation, complex, stochastic predictive simulations in a business practical real world scenario.

The position demands utilizing expertise in 1 or many of the of the following i.e. Applied mathematics, Statistics and computational science with the objective of enabling uncertainty quantification and measurement at an extreme scale in a real world scenario across the following industries

o Telecommunications
o Biopharmaceuticals
o Metals & Mining
o Public Sector
o Consumer Products
o Process Industries
o Infrastructure
o Financial Institutions
o Retail
o Hardware & Software
o Social Welfare
o Health Care
o Telecommunications
o Insurance
o Consumer Products
o Media and Networks
o Oil & Gas
o Retail
o Utilities & Alternative Energy
o Medical Devices & Technology
o Automotive
o Transportation
o Travel & Tourism
o Airlines & Transportation
o Financial Services
o Industrial Services

The individual would be required to demonstrate scenario planning and visualize possibilities in a practical scenario setting

He should be able to communicate complex terminologies in a practical setting to a business audience


Fundamental responsibilities included

a. Participating in the development of Uncertainty Quantification & Measurement methodologies necessary for informed fact based decision-making
b. Design and execution of scalable numerical methods for Uncertainty Quantification and Measurement
c. Collaboration with experts in the above industry in 1 or many of the following area Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Economics, Bio-Statistics, Bio-Informatics in the above industries
d. Design of experiments and building models with an expertise in the design and implementation of numerical algorithms and methods in one or more high-level computing languages within a team environment

Specialization in 1 or many of the following:

1. Model reduction
2. High-performance computing
3. PDE-constrained optimization
4. Computational fluid dynamics
5. Computational structural mechanics
6. Markovian Decision Processes

The individual should have applied 1 or many of the following in a practical setting/ scenario. Whilst applying /interviewing for the following position the individual would be required to talk and demonstrate how he or she has applied or will apply the following

• Stochastic collocation and Galerkin methods
• Multilevel and reduced order methods
• Linear and Eigenvalue solvers
• Hierarchical and low-discrepancy sampling
• High-dimensional interpolation and integration


o The minimum required education is a BS/MS/ Ph.D. in applied mathematics, computational science or related field.
o Strong background in stochastic differential equations, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, methods for uncertainty quantification and high-performance computing.
o Excellent soft skills
o Tested written and oral communication skills
o Extensive expertise in numerical analysis of stochastic PDEs
o Experience in the development of large-scale numerical algorithms and simulation codes

Additional Information: Applicants should have received their latest degree not more than 5 years before making the application. All degree requirements must be completed before the starting of appointment.

We are necessarily not interested in individuals having all of the traits outlined above and below in as much that he/she has a willingness to acquire capabilities and has expertise in some of the areas. We will work with the specific individual to help him/her succeed.

For obvious reasons preference would be given to individuals having demonstrated knowledge and expertise in many of the following.

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Major Duties/Responsibilities

The position requires collaboration within a multi-disciplinary research environment consisting of mathematicians, computational scientists, computer scientists, experimentalists, and engineers/physicists conducting basic and applied research in support of the Laboratorys missions. Specific responsibilities include participating in the development of novel UQ methodologies necessary to facilitate science-informed decision-making, design and implementation of scalable numerical methods for UQ, collaboration with experts from various scientific disciplines on UQ and applications, and following team planning, goals and quality processes.


Qualifications Required

Minimum Qualifications: The minimum required education is a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, computational science or related field. Strong background in stochastic differential equations, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, methods for uncertainty quantification and high-performance computing. Expertise in more than one area of particular relevance to simulations of interest, such as:

  • Stochastic collocation and Galerkin methods
  • Multilevel and reduced order methods
  • Linear and eigenvalue solvers
  • Hierarchical and low-discrepancy sampling
  • High-dimensional interpolation and integration
  • Design of experiments Demonstrated experience in the design and implementation of numerical algorithms in one or more high-level computing languages within a team environment
  • Effective interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
  • Candidates must have a proven publication track record.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience working in a multi-disciplinary research environment. Extensive expertise in numerical analysis of stochastic PDEs Experience in the development of large-scale numerical algorithms and simulation codes.Additional Information:Applicants cannot have received the most recent degree more than five years prior to the date of application and must complete all degree requirements before starting their appointment.
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Data Scientist

Role Summary / Purpose

Highly motivated self-driven Engineer in statistics / predictive modeling / data quality to lead and guide multi-disciplinary project teams addressing key challenges for different businesses. Creation of intellectual property will be a key expectation in this role.


Essential Responsibilities

As a senior data scientist in the Modeling and Optimization, you will create and guide programs to invent and deliver predictive modeling and decision technologies for diverse businesses such as Finance, Aviation, Transportation, Oil and Gas and Healthcare.

You will lead and drive programs in areas such as statistical algorithms for processing massive time series data, statistical risk modeling and development of novel algorithms for detecting and correcting anomalies in complex data. Typical applications include developing novel algorithms for early warning systems, building models for medical prognostics and systems for anomaly detection / correction in monitoring and diagnostics data. You will be working with some of the sharpest business minds across the globe on some of the most challenging business problems


Qualifications / Requirements

We are looking for accomplished Fresh Graduates / colleagues with 1-2 years of experience, track record of project management, and demonstrated ability to invent new approaches and/or apply recent methodological advances in data science to solve applied problems. Candidates should hold an MTech or MS in Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Statistics with an excellent academic record and practical experience with recent advances in mathematical & computational sciences and statistical modeling.

The candidate should have a demonstrated strong foundation in probability, statistical theory with a deep understanding of statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, linear and logistic regression. A solid grounding in applied statistics including expertise in at least one of the following is a must: Reliability models, Bayesian modeling, statistical classification, cluster analysis, time series analysis, forecasting and multivariate statistics. Possessing strong Implementation and Programming Skills in one or more of Java, Python, SAS, R, Python, Matlab is a must.

Prior experience working with very large datasets using Big Data tools and platforms (Hadoop, PIG / HIVE / Mahout) is highly desirable. Proven ability to lead complex projects with multi-disciplinary teams and ability to work with global businesses to create new programs is a must. Expertise in modelling the behavior of a complex real time dynamic system.


Desired Characteristics

  • PhD in Industrial Engineering, computer science, Comp Engg, Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics or related field
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working with Financial engineering data – aviation, healthcare, transportation, energy, oil & gas, etc

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Bio Informatics and Bio Statistics - Specialist


  • PhD in bioinformatics, biostatistics, computational biology or similar, with a strong publication record. Alternately, a PhD in molecular biology combined with a very strong record of high-throughput data analysis, supported by publication in this area.
  • A solid understanding of the relevant concepts and cancer biology and genetics.
  • Broad experience with data generated by one or more high-throughput molecular assays: microarrays, next-generation sequencing, multiplexed qPCR, mass spectrometry proteomics, etc.
  • An understanding of the statistical principles behind current best practices in the field. Experience with biomarker discovery and evaluation is a plus.
  • Expertise in the use of a high-level programming language such as R, MATLAB, Python or Perl for complex data analysis.
  • Exceptionally strong communication, data presentation and visualization skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively, and to handle several concurrent, fast-paced projects.

Knowledge of one or many of the following products:

Conformation Generation and Clustering
• MacroModel – gas phase and solution
• ConfGen – bioactive conformation generation
• XCluster – conformation clustering
Property Generation and Filtering
• QikProp – descriptor generation and ADME/Tox prediction
• Ligand Properties & Filtering
1D/2D to 3D Structure Generation
• LigPrep
• Epik – fast pKa and tautomer prediction
Molecular Mechanics
and OPLS-AA Force Fields
• GB/SA Solvation Model
• MacroModel
• Impact
• MINTA – conformational free energies
• Force Field Viewer
Molecular Dynamics
• Desmond – explicit solvent MD
• Impact – implicit and explicit solvent MD
Quantum Mechanics
• Jaguar
• Jaguar pKa
• Hydrogen Bond Calculator

Structural Biology – Crystallography
• PrimeX – protein crystal structure refinement
• Protein Structure Analysis
Protein Modeling and Bioinformatics
• Prime Homology Modeling
• Prime Loop and Side-Chain Prediction
• Prime Sequence Alignment
• Prime Fold Recognition
Molecular Mechanics
and OPLS-AA Force Fields
• GB/SA Solvation Model
• Prime – protein structure prediction
• MacroModel
• Large-Scale Low-Mode (LLMOD) conformational sampling
• Impact
Molecular Dynamics • Force Field Viewer
• Desmond – explicit solvent MD
• Impact – implicit and explicit solvent MD
Monte Carlo Simulations
• QSite

Ligand-Based Discovery
• Phase – pharmacophore modeling
• Phase Shape
• Phase Multiple Binding Mode Predictor
• Phase commercially available compound database
• Flexible Ligand Superposition
Fragment-Based Discovery
• Glide – docking and scoring
• CombiGlid e – combinatorial technology
• Phase – pharmacophore modeling
• Rule-based Molecule Fragmenting
• Fragment Joining/Linking
• Ligand Efficiency (LE) Metrics
• BREED – ligand hybridization
Structure-Based Discovery
• Glide – docking and scoring
• Virtual Screening Workflow (VSW)
• SiteMap – protein binding site identification and analysis
Covalent Docking
• Protein Preparation Wizard
Protein Structure Alignment
• GPCR Modeling
• Core Hopping – receptor-based
• Core Hopping – attachment- and shape-based
• Canvas

• Canvas
• Phase – pharmacophore modeling
• Strike – statistical modeling
• QikProp – property generation
Combinatorial Chemistry
• CombiGlide R-group Evaluator
Fragment-Based Design
• Glide – docking and scoring
• Rule-based Molecule Fragmenting
• Fragment Joining/Linking
• Ligand Efficiency (LE) Metrics
• BREED – ligand hybridization
Ligand-Based Design
• Phase – pharmacophore modeling
Structure-Based Design
• Glide – docking and scoring
• Induced Fit Docking
• Prime MM/GBSA
• Core Hopping
• CombiGlide Screening
• HERG Modeling with Induced Fit Docking
• SiteMap – protein binding site identification and analysis
• Embrace – post-docking refinement
• Hydrogen-Bond Calculator
• Liaison – linear interaction approximation
• QM-Polarized Ligand Docking
• SIFt – Structural Interaction Fingerprints
• QSite – QM/MM
• Ligand Designer

Molecular Visualization
• Maestro – molecular modeling graphical interface
• Glide XP Visualizer
• 2D Viewer
Application Deployment Interfaces
• Maestro – molecular modeling interface
• Canvas – cheminformatics
• KNIME Extensions
Scripting, Methods Development, and Deployment
• Python API
• Maestro Command Language
• KNIME Extensions
• Python Pipelining Infrastructure
Medicinal Chemistry Applications
• 2D Viewer
• 3D Builder
• Maestro Elements – computational task interface designed
• Ligand Designer

Essential Duties and Job Functions:

  • Analyze large-scale genomic data, such as microarray or next-generation sequencing (Exome, Whole genome and RNA-seq) data from patient samples to support patient stratification and biomarker selection for multiple development programs.
  • Perform phylogenetic analysis of viral sequences from patient samples to understand drug resistance mechanisms.
  • Develop bioinformatic software, analysis pipelines and applications to make pharmacogenomics results and findings available to research and development groups.


Knowledge, Experience and Skills:

  • A PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, genomics, computer science, statistics or a related field with strong peer-reviewed publication record. Or a MS degree with 3+ years of work experience.
  • Proficient in at least one of following programing languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, Python and Shell in a Linux environment.
  • Hands-on experience in analyzing next-generation sequencing data is required.
  • Proficient in statistical data analysis of genomic data using R/boiconductor.
  • Outstanding team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Knowledge in virology, immunology, oncology or experience in web / database development is a plus.

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Business Development Manager

We are currently looking to add talented, motivated people to our Team! Are you looking to be part of something bigger? Would you like to work for a company that values its employees? Have you been seeking a career where you can work hard and make great money? If so, Gustaine is seeking candidates who are eager, resourceful, driven, and determined to succeed and who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, the drive to learn and a desire to sell. Gustaine believes that investing in our employees through continued education, training and development programs is paramount to our success. We are passionate about what we do and, in turn, we are seeking people who are as passionate about business and developing their careers.

Our philosophy is simple: We hire the very best people. We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. We empower people to use their skills and creativity to help our clients succeed. Our people are united by a single operating structure and a common culture that fosters innovation, knowledge sharing and quality service. Our unique approach qualifies our people to serve clients by bringing together services in a way that transcends organizational lines.

Job Description:

This Business Development Manager identifies, pursues and leverages relationships with key prospects and clients. The role drives new business opportunities by identifying and radiating into both new and existing relationships. The right person will be able to provide value to the prospect/client, while creating and driving new revenue opportunities for Gustaine. He/she will be responsible for prospecting and closing deals, while maintaining lead with the new client(s).

Establishes a deep understanding of their target accounts business landscape and objectives to identify potential solutions. Establishes a senior level relationship with target account executives, maintains existing relationships, and participates in the sales cycle often partnering with other Gustaine leaders to support the sales cycle collectively. Helps identify and evaluate target prospects and sets vision and direction for account penetration, expansion and profitability utilizing entire suite of Gustaine solutions.

Acts as a trusted adviser with senior executives and at times takes an executive role overseeing overall client satisfaction for delivery. Promotes customer intimacy by building a culture open to change, innovation, and growth within Gustaine. Combines best practices, industry trends, and experience to achieve the best solution for the client and Gustaine. Develops strategy for deeper penetration of existing accounts and establishment of new accounts.

Leverages existing client IT and business relationships to identify and develop opportunities to increase the revenue stream. Focuses on opening new accounts, account expansion and generating revenue. Generates leads for various Gustaine offerings and involves sales support from the various Gustaine groups for penetration of specific deals. Formulates and executes business development strategies designed to meet and exceed goals. Has account Profit and Loss (P&L) accountability within newly opened accounts. Someone who possesses a passion for professional atmosphere that is full of family and people-oriented individuals, who all manifest a belief in partnership, innovation, and excellence.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Full life-cycle of sales and account management
  • Identify client base by using the internal database, technology news, the internet, researching companies, networking with consultants, referrals, networking events, and then market our company’s services to these clients
  • Set an agenda of who you are calling every day and be prepared for those calls
  • Recognize that this position is all about meeting the numbers and without them, you will not be successful in this role: Cold call 50 potential clients daily; Make at least 10 new appointments at potential clients weekly
  • Present Gustaine’s services to our potential client base every week
  • Keep track of any key documents that needs to be completed before doing business with a client
  • Define an organizational chart of each client and their usage of firms and contractors – via phone and in person
  • Qualify / gather information about client base – define whether or not we will pursue the partnership
  • Generate opportunities weekly through cold calls and client visits by getting the right information
  • Generate any contracts or paperwork that needs to be attended to in regard to the client billing, etc
  • Maintain relationships with clients through weekly/monthly follow up
  • Generate leads – ask your managers if they know any opportunities that they are aware of
  • Construct and maintain a hotlist of open deals on a daily basis
  • Input and maintain accurate information into our database – all notes and documentation pertaining to the clients are logged into the CRM system
  • Participate as a team player and help other Account or Business Development Managers with accounts and strategies – think about the company and its best interests
  • This is a critical piece of the process – to CLOSE the deal

Pay Description

Competitive Base Salary, Monthly Commission, Bonuses, commensurate with experience


  • Minimum requirements include: Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of outside sales experience
  • Must be comfortable with business development and hunting down accounts
  • History of excellence in managing a sales book of business
  • Excellent cold calling skills and proven networking abilities
  • Must be able to work efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced environment with the ability to multi-task
  • Good organizational, interpersonal and communication skills are required
  • Must have a positive attitude and remain calm under pressure
  • Must be a team player and willing to help out others when necessary
  • Entrepreneurial attitude and willingness to go the extra mile
  • Experience with CRM tools a plus

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Our People

We comprise of team of proven stalwarts and up and coming colleagues that have turned around lost causes. We possess deep expertise across industries ranging from Oil and Gas to Retail to Aviation to Consumer Products to Healthcare. We house a rare blend of domain expertise, deep technical skills, consulting capabilities, data sciences expertise to realize a high value solution across geographies to its logical completion.

Gustaine is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled veteran.